Many sportsman enjoy catching ducks and geese on migration to Mexico. With this said, waterfowl hunting is much more enjoyable when a dog is with the company. A well trained retriever can open a wide variety of options for hunting waterfowl, but a poorly trained retriever can be extremely frustrating. Here are some essential retriever training supplies.  GPS Putting a global positioning system on your dog at first is a necessity. Untrained dogs can take off at a moments notice and be gone for a long time. Even a trained dog will chase a duck or goose an extremely long way, so it is important to be able to find the dog.  Starter Pistol Since you will be hunting with the dog it is very important that the dog is used to the sound of a firearm. In order to get the dog used to gunshot, it is important to have a starter pistol. Fire the starter pistol when your young dog is eating. This will teach the dog that the sound of a gun is not harmful or scary, and the dog will actually start to enjoy the sound.  Waterfowl Dummy At first training a retriever with a ball is okay, but it is better to teach the retriever with a waterfowl dummy. The more realistic the dummy, the better trained the dog will become. Some dogs get used to a rubber feel in their mouth and the first time they feel feathers, they lose concentration. Start training the dog at a young age with a realistic dummy, and also fire the starter pistol when playing fetch and training.  Training Collars A dog that is undisciplined can be very frustrating. A well trained dog will know how to heal, and will obey commands. A training collar can be very aggressive at first, but once the dog gets more disciplined, a less aggressive collar can be used. These collars teach a dog to heal and to listen to discipline in the field.  Protection Waterfowl season is during the winter months and it is not a bad idea to have a neoprene vest for the dog. The neoprene vest will insulate the dog and also help the dog swim. A dog that is tired or cold can lead to injury or worse.  Train your dog well, and it will be a super companion for years to come. Continue to work with the dog even in the off season, and you will have a great hunting experience during the fall and winter. For more information on training supplies and tactics, contact Dixie Dog.