Sometimes when in a survive in the wilderness, you are likely to be faced with stress which affects your thinking as well as decision making. It is important to clear your mind and relax since survival is the ability to withstand stress. You need to decide on the best survival course of action you will take and have the will to survive in the wilderness.Here are a few skills worth learning:Building a shelterDifferent shelters suit different areas. Build a shelter according to the environment you are in. For instance, a shelter with branches and a rope can protect you from wind and weather while an underground shelter can hide you from the hot sun when you are in a desert.Making a fireMaking of a fire is essential. It’s important for warmth and for keeping wild animals away. With the use of sticks and dry wood, you can start a fire by use of a lens or by rubbing them together. It is a good idea to always carry a lighter though.Finding waterWater is essential since it draws the line between life and death. You might be feeling a burning tongue, a dry throat or emitting dark brown urine. Ensure that the first days you dedicate yourself into finding water. Note that you cannot go 3 days without water.Finding food in the wildIn the wilderness there are animals and food being an essential factor for survival, you need to look for ways to get it. You can go hunting for an animal in the woods, set a trap for them or go out to a nearby river to hunt for fish or simple turn vegetarian but eat only what you know for sure is harmless.Signaling for helpGather wet pine branches to start a fire. They always produce a lot of smoke. This smoke can be used as a signal for help. Also when you happen to hear some people in the woods, to capture their attention, blow your whistle and call for help.NavigationWhen lacking a compass, you can use your watch. Just point the hour hand in the direction of the sun drawing an imaginary line between it and the 12 o’clock point. Create an angle between the two lines and bisect it. The line pointing away from the sun is north since the sun sets in the west.Basic wilderness first aidAt times you might be prone to injuries. Therefore, having a survival technique that works is essential. Beware of your environment and look for plants that can aid. For instance, bark of trees that can help support a fractured bone.Predicting the weatherBe able to tell what the weather is going to be or likely to be, by looking at the atmosphere.It is really important to practice these skills because it is upon you to be conversant with them in case you find yourself in the wilderness with needs for survival.Still thinking only beasts and savages belong to the wild? We too can be part of their world.