Even if You Have NO Experience, Discover The Techniques The PRO’S Use With My Easy To Follow Step – By – Step System To Tie Safe And Secure Fishing Knots! From The Keep Net of Bob Neaves Date
Dear Fellow Fisherman,
The biggest problem I had when I started fishing was deciding which knot to use and 9 times out of 10 I would pick the wrong fishing knots so I would hook a fish and watch my line disappear into the water which got me thinking I need to learn how to tie fishing knots.
Before I learnt how to tie fishing knots the three things that went through my head were:      Which fishing knots should be used on hooks? Which fishing knots should you secure two pieces of line? How do i keep my fishing knots tight and secure? If anyone of the above describe you at the side of the lake, then you’re in the right place. Because
in a moment I’m going to share with you the secrets behind how to tie
fishing knots, 95% of people don’t know and will never know!But first, let me tell you who I am and why you should listen to me.
My name is Bob, and I have been a fisherman for over 25 years now, I’ve caught many big fish… and I’m living proof that the average fisherman
can learn all the skills needed to land that big fish with confidence in your line and hooks…
I used to watch fisherman catching their big fish and how confident they were…but everytime I hooked a big fish I would try and copy them and the hook would come off or the line would come apart fom where
I had joined the line together which meant off to the tackle shop to buy some more. I sat down one day and realized these trips
to the fishing tackle shop were costing me hundreds dollars a year which inspired me to find out the secrets behind how to tie my hooks and line
So it’s time to stop paying through the nose for your fishing tackle due to bad tying of fishing knots and discover the simple way to keep those
fishing hooks on your fishing line and play that large fish with confidence in the fishing knots you tie.
Almost every fisherman I meet says they’re fed up of spending their hard-earned cash
losing there fishing hooks and fishing line when playing that large fish when they could learn how to tie fishing knots themselves you just need to be shown.
But even if you’ve read all the books on tying the perfect knot… and spent months studying tips and tricks…
actually tying your own fishing knots can turn out to be a miserably frustrating experience
especially when your still losing your FISH and tackle.
Plus, if you don’t know what you’re doing then you can actually do more harm than good …
meaning you could be leaving your fishing line and your fishing hooks with the fish which nobody wants to do plus you’ll end up
spending even more money at the fishing tackle shop!
But if you’re serious about saving money and learning the exact skills on how to tie fishing knots, then I have some really exciting news for you… If you want to learn how to tie fishing knots, here’s exactly what you need to know:
Which fishing knots you should use to tie your hooks, so you don’t
lose any fish!       Learn which fishing knots to join two lengths of line together,
so you have confidence your line won’t break when you’re battling
that big one!      How do you keep your fishing knots tight and secure, so you don’t
lose your prize catch when your hook comes off!      Why it’s good to tie your fishing knots at home, so you KNOW
they will hold!      How tight to tie your fishing knots so you don’t stretch or break
the line.Which fishing knots should you use to tie your fishing hooks?
There are a few fishing knots you could use to tie your fishing hooks but there is one in particular which is
safe secure and won’t slip if tied right.Using the the wrong fishing knot will probably result in you
playing your prize catch for a while then your hook slips resulting in you losing your prize
catch which has knock on effects of you leaving your fishing hook in the fish which is no good for the
fish having to swim around with a fishing hook in its top lip and you also have the expense of going
to the tackle shop and buying some more hooks the next time you go.Then the next time you go your confidence will be knocked as you tie the same fishing knots to secure your hooks
as you did last time and wonder whether these fishing knots will hold as you cast out.
I will show you the right fishing knots to use and how to tie fishing knots so it does not slip and you won’t harm the fish, as you won’t be leaving your fishing hook behind resulting in you not losing your prize catch, also your confidence in
tying your own fishing hooks will be at it’s highest.Learn which fishing knot to join two lengths of line together
Do you find once you have joined two lengths of line together casting becomes a problem as that huge
knot you have tied does not go through the eyes of your rod easily and gets stuck in the small eyes
at the end.If your playing your fish your fishing knot slips and your prize specimen has swan off with 50yds
of your line, hook, float or rig and you find yourself going home as you have no more line another wasted
day and more expense at the tackle shop. Confidence knocked again I will show you which fishing knots will glide
through the eyes of the rod. Without the right fishing knots you will be leaving your fishing tackle with the fish who will probably get stuck as your line gets caught round something in water if the fish does manage to escape from your fishing hook and fishing line.
The fishing hook and fishing line are left there just waiting for some other form of wildlife to get tangled or another
fisherman playing his prize specimen only to get tangled in the fishing line you have lost and them having to cut
these lines leaving all there lines and tackle the same as you. These fishing knots ( I am going to show you) will
be safe and secure. How do you keep your fishing knots tight and secure
When you tie your fishing knots do you find your fishing knots are loose and un-secure, I will show you proven techniques
to make your fishing knots tight and secure so you can tackle your prize catch with no fear of loose fishing knots again.
Remember i am going to show you how to tie fishing knots not just how to stick fishing knots with glue to make them secure you will learn the right techniques on how to tighten your fishing knots properly.
A fishing knot which is over tight can be weaker than badly tied fishing knots.

Why it’s good to tie your fishing hooks at home
In this section i will show you how to tie fishing knots properly to your hooks so all you have to do is join two pieces
of line together with the right fishing knots when you get to the riverbank. I can’t think of anything worse than than
trying to tie a small hook to thin line when its freezing cold or raining let me show you a way of saving
you so much time as you will have the right fishing hook and fishing line and be ready to fish immediatly .

Be Confident In Your Knots They Will Hold When Playing That Big Fish By now you’re probably wondering how much this is going to cost you, and in a moment I’ll tell you, but first I want you think of what it will cost you if you don’t learn how to tie your fishing knots perfectly every time.Think of how much you enjoy catching those big fish, and how great it is to tell friends and family how big that fish was you caught and not the tale of the big one that got away.Well how much is it worth to know you will never lose those fish again?
How much is it worth to have the confidence in your tackle when you hook your prize catch, 40, 50, 80 or 100 dollars just add up how many hooks you lose per year. How much line you have left at your venue. How many floats are still in the water. I will show you how to tie your fishing knots to perfection?
Just $4.97 not even the price of a couple of cups of coffeeThat’s it.
Imagine being able to tie the perfect fishing knots every time, that will have your friends and family drooling with the fish you catch!And you’ll be able to download all of this online within the next two minutes and get started right away!I’m proud to introduce… ‘Fishing Knot Secrets’by Bob NeavesNOT SOLDIN STORES!Once you download your copy of my exclusive eBook, which I’ve called “Fishing Knot Secrets ” you’ll discover EXACTLY what you need to do to tie safe and secure fishing knots, plus you will get different techniques and methods on tying fishing knots. Try It Out Before You Make Up Your Mind!
The bottom line is, I’m so sure you’re going to love this product,
I’ll give you 30 days to make up your mind. Read it, start tying fishing knots, and if you don’t love it,
come back and get EVERY PENNY of your money back, no questions asked.
My goal is to make this THE best resource on the internet for learning how to tie fishing knots
, so I want to stand behind my product.