Snowboarding is a fun winter sport that is much like skiing and skateboarding at the same time. Snowboarding consists of going down ski slopes on a single board. Many people enjoy the sport, but it can be extremely dangerous. Here are 3 of the most dangerous ski runs in the world that only the most advanced snowboarders should attempt. Color Codes One thing that you need to know about ski runs is that they’re color coded around the world to let adventurers know what to expect. The name of a slope will feature green, blue, orange/red, or black. Green is typically used for beginner runs in North America and Japan. In Europe, the color-coding begins with blue in Europe, which is the same difficulty level as the green. Orange and red are both intermediate runs, the country’s color system. The runs tend to include jumps and specialty obstacles. Black is the most difficult slope that you can go down. Only highly advanced skiers and snowboarders should face the black slopes.

1. Tortin’s Terror Tortin, also known as Tortin’s Terror resides in Verbier, Switzerland. Tortin’s 4 Vallées features blue, red, and black slopes so snowboarders and skiers of all abilities can enjoy what it has to offer. The scariest black slope of them all is Mont-Fort, which is at the peak of the mountain. The altitude of Mont-Fort is 3329 meters, which is more than two miles high. If skiing down Mont-Fort isn’t thrilling enough for you, daredevils try to obtain a “rite of passage” by skiing off of the back. The back of Mont-Fort is practically a vertical drop that shouldn’t be faced lightly or alone.

2. Two Smokes The Silverton Mountains in Silverton, Colorado is home to Two Smokes ski run. While most of the mountain range acquires around 300 inches of annual snowfall, Two Smokes receives more than 400. The most daring snowboarders love the run because it starts out at a 53-degree, 3,000-foot, vertical drop, which is why a hiking watch can be helpful.

3. Corbets Couloir One of the most famous slopes in the world is located in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The terrifying slope features a 4,139-foot, 55-degree run that begins with a 25-foot drop. Just when you think that the slope can get any scarier, you have to make a sudden turn at the bottom so you don’t smash right into a boulder. Once you turn, you come out of a 45-degree chute to the bottom. Only the most experienced snowboarders have attempted this legendary ski slope. Snowboarding is a wonderful winter sport for people of all ages. However, it’s important to only board on slopes that you are capable of handling. Once you are snowboarding like a professional with a board from a company like McU Sports, you can try one of these 3 death-defying. Happy Hiking Adventure