Do you want to survive in the wild, then here are some ultimate wilderness survival tips.Hanging around in the wilderness is not a good experience. It is important to learn survival tips to get you through a crisis, when lost in the wilderness. Here are some tips that are handy:Body temperature regulationPart of surviving, involves maintaining your body temperature. You can only do that when you are well shielded from harsh weather and other elements. A really good shelter can serve that purpose. It can also help keep you safe from danger around you.Build a fireAfter building the shelter, focus on building a fire that will keep you warm. The night might be really cold, which might prompt you to sickness. Rules of building fire are that you clear the area around you to ensure that you don’t burn the whole forest. Many people have knowledge on how to start an ordinary fire therefore it shouldn’t be hard. A few tools that might come in handy are – eye glasses since they contain lenses, a bottle of water which works the same way as a lens, a cell phone battery, or with sticks.Finding safe drinking water and foodThe fire you have already built is probably making you warm. You need to think about your stomach – First priority being, water and food. A normal human being can go for 3 days without water but it is equally important to look for it very early since on the second day your body might be really weak. You can find water by following grazing animals which often head to water near dawn or dusk, survey for any flies and mosquitoes since their breeding places are damp areas, and sucking dew from grass.After getting water, ensure that you purify it to make it safe for drinking. As for food, you can eat insects or the vegetation.Physical Needs – The Basic Hygiene You Can Ignore (and What Not To)Personal hygiene is important, example dental hygiene. A plaque can easily develop faster than usual. It is easy to make a tooth brush from birch. Focus on your environment, since hygiene issues can build up from moist areas. Ensure that areas where skin touches are dry to prevent any fungal disease.  Use items such as corn starch to absorb the moist.As for toilet paper ensure you use vegetation that do not react with your skin in case of allergies.Navigation Methods to Help You Find Your Way HomeA good navigation system is necessary. It can help you know where you are, where you came from and where you are headed. Use a compass to navigate your direction. In case you don’t have one, use your watch and the sun to determine North direction, from there you can use it as a compass. Another method is, using a stick to judge the sun’s movement.To be well prepared, go for lessons on how to survive in the wild. You never know what might happen and stated above are some of the best ultimate wilderness survival tips.