Need some secrets on how to survive in woods that will see you through a great adventure?Mostly when you discover that you are lost you should stop, think, observe and plan. You are never sure if rescue is coming. Do not panic. It’s very dangerous since it interferes with your thoughts. Take deep and continuous breathes to stay calm. After being calm,Get orientedMark your position with a spare piece of cloth, pile of rocks or a sheet of paper. This will serve as your ground zero. Use it to navigate your position in that forest.Stay in one placeAvoid wandering off. It is very definite that you have no idea where you are. Therefore, to increase your chances of being found, you need to stay where you are. Also you might be going deeper into the woods if you are not careful.Build a fireBuild a good fire under easy conditions, with the appropriate and sufficient equipment. It should be able to serve for long. Also collect more dry wood that you will need to use in case the fire is about to go off. A fire near you will help give you a sense of comfort and safety.Signal your locationYou can blow a whistle, whistle yourself, shout calling for help, sing or bang rocks together. You can build a smoky fire, or mark your location in a way that is visible from air. You can use shine a mirror that catches the light three times. All these can be used to signal your location.Scout your areaCarefully survey your area looking for useful things. You might find that someone had been there previously and they managed to leave behind a few useful things. After that, be sure to go back to your original position.Find a good source of waterIt is only natural that a normal human cannot last three days without water. Therefore, dedicating yourself to find water is essential. A running stream is good. However, if you do not find it, you can drink from dew or look for water in rock crevices.Purify your waterIf you are in position where you have large amounts of water, you should be able to purify it. You can heat it using a handy pot or set it in the sun in a clear bottle for six hours, so as to effectively kill bacteria. For sediment water, add a pinch of salt to bring the sediment to the bottom.Find safe food to survive in woodsWhen it comes to food, make sure that you use the most appropriate techniques to get it. A normal adult can go for three weeks without food. Also make sure that the food you consume is safe since you will not survive if you are ill. Be careful not to fall ill or die because of food. Make a point of roasting the meat you hunt if any.The woods are very adventurous places to camp. With the above secrets, you now know how to survive in the woods – Try being the next Robin Hood!