According to Nancy Chodash of Chicago Now, roughly 10% of all adults go through what is diagnosable as a midlife crisis. This number, however, is misguiding because far more than 10% experience midlife feelings of emptiness and inadequacy similar to those of a crisis. In fact, in many ways the midlife struggle for fulfillment is an American epidemic. Luckily, however, there is a cure; and it might surprise you. This simple solution is to take a motorcycle trip.How to tell if you are having a crisisThe first step in beating a midlife crisis is realizing you are facing one. This can be more difficult than you may think because different people have different symptoms and go through unique struggles. David Quilty of Money Crashers claims some of the telltale signs of a crisis are purchasing a sports car, making rash or irrational decisions, and developing an erratic sleep schedule. Symptoms, however, can come in many forms. According to Quilty, they can range from a preoccupation with death to a fixation on personal appearance.The most obvious sign is any unusual shift in behavior or mood. If you are unsure if you fit this description, ask your loved ones if they have noticed anything strange about you lately. Those around you may have noticed something that you’ve been ignoring. How a motorcycle trip can helpBut even if you are facing a crisis, do not get discouraged. There are cures. Getting away from the daily grind for a bit is one of them. According to Rebecca Perkins of Express, taking a trip is a healthy way to feel better about your middle years. She also claims the most effective trips are those in which you go solo and schedule-less. Essentially, she advocates doing a little bit of soul searching.It just so happens that one of the most popular and effective ways to take a solo getaway is on motorcycle. But wait, it gets better. Perkins goes on to suggest doing something dangerous or moderately scary. For many people motorcycles are just that!In fact, Mike Cater of The Guardian agrees. He took a motorcycle trip at 42 and found it to be incredibly beneficial. According to him, getting licensed (which is required) is an easy and useful process and is also a great way to learn some extra tips for hitting the road. He also suggests keeping the trip mostly a secret, stating it is best to avoid condescending or disapproving opinions of colleagues and acquaintances. Consider a rentalOK, you’re convinced. What next? Well, it may be best to hold off on buying a bike and rent one instead. David Quilty states buying an expensive toy can be a dangerous and regrettable decision for most facing a midlife crisis. He suggests thinking about expensive purchases (such as a Harley) over long periods of time to avoid rash decisions and buyer’s remorse. Luckily, however, a motorcycle rental offers a cheap and easy alternative. And who knows, after a week on the road in a rental you may fall in love and decide you want to buy one after all.