Secrets About Freeze dried survival foods Worth KnowingAre you a camping fan? If so, Tarzan is one of the jungle legends you wish to meet. While many of his fans try to conquer the wild by living day, months or even years in it, there is a secret to doing this successfully. Get yourself a pack of freeze dried survival foods and be off for the wild. Mentioning survival foods without giving you a breakthrough about them is kind of bad. Ok. What about checking the tips to cooking survival foods? Yeah, thrilling as it sounds; give the tips below a keen eye.Handy tips for cooking freeze dried survival foodsEat survival foods dryDo you have a problem eating your foods dry? Wait! Who asked you to join the wild rangers in camps? Actually, though it seems tough to chew dry foods, most of them are really tasty when eaten dry. Have you ever tried eating dried yogurt? Whoa. Guess you have to try pomegranate flavored yogurt. Since you must have a balanced diet, try including dried fruits and vegetables too.Hydrate dried foods with little waterCheck this case scenario of a person who messed up his meal with excess water.He put his dried raspberries in a bowl of warm water in a bid to hydrate them.What is the problem with that? First, the end product was a whacky meal. Second, after the taste was gone, so did the nutrients. What is the secret to maintaining both taste and nutrients? Simple. Hydrate them with little water.Avoid hydrating freeze dried survival foods firstAt times, it is the sauce that you want. While you can add every ingredient in warm water, it is advised not to do so. Why? Some foods have different levels of hydration and may be exposed to way too much water. So what do you do? Always hydrate single foods differently then add them later to your final recipe.Hey! Never overcook your dried meatDid you forget that your dried meat is pre-cooked? Boiling it in water is overcooking it. It will drive off the nutrients and you will be chewing husky stuff that has fewer nutrients. A handy tip is that you always hydrate meat in warm water.Guess you are now energized to find these freeze dried survival foods. However, you either do not know them or don’t have access to them. Which is which? Yours to decide. Below is a list of ten foods to include in your shopping list when preparing to be a survival king or queen.Dried Alaskan wild salmon- It is a nutritious source of omega 3 and protein.Dried bean- Be it pinto beans, kidney beans or garbanzo beans.Bulk nuts- Pick unsalted almonds, peanuts and sunflower seeds due to their fat deposits.Chocolate bars- Want that energy to move on? Try eating chocolate bars when doing your survival tricks.Surviving is not being at the mercy of nature, but showing Mother Nature how tough you can be when things in life become rough.