If you own or manage an equestrian facility where multiple owners board, ride and train their horses, you know how challenging it can be to keep things running smoothly and make a profit. The bigger the outfit, the greater the difficulty can be to use your time wisely, especially if you’re training students and riding yourself. Here are five vital pieces of equipment to help make your life easier and keep your clients happier, too.Tractor or ATVIf you’ve ever hand-graded your arena, you know how exhausting and time-consuming it can be. If you have more than one arena, it’s just not practical. Having a properly graded arena is important for horse hoof and leg health and to prevent rider accidents by tripping or stumbling. And if you host even small shows at your facility, it’s vital to create equal footing conditions for all competitors.Consider purchasing a tractor or ATV (all terrain vehicle) with attachments for your facility. With an arena drag attached to the back of the tractor, you can grade a regulation-size arena in minutes. If you have a dusty arena or live in a dry area, think about adding a water trailer, too.Once you have a tractor, you can buy other handy attachments, like a manure spreader, for turn-out areas and paddocks. These attachments are now available for both tractors and ATVs, the latter being a good choice if you have a hilly property or if garaging is an issue.Golf CartHaving a golf cart on your horse property will make your life infinitely easier in many ways. Some potential uses aresave time running from one end of the facility to another (think about how many times a day you do this)spare your vehicle from wear and tear and to save gasmove small but heavy items, like saddles, individual bales of hay or food/water troughstote things to tight spaces where your car or truck won’t fittour prospective boarders or students around the facilityYou can talk to providers such as Golf Cart Creations would be a great source to talk about models and pricing.Dedicated Wash RackAs tempting as it may be to just wash down horses in your cross-ties, having a dedicated washing area will free up dry grooming space in the cross ties. It will also help prevent mess and accidents due to slips or rearing in the ties.Purchase or build a dedicated rack, with a rubber no-slip pad underneath and a place for lead ropes to tie in the front, as well as an optional chain or tie across the back. Make sure to place it in an area where water can drain quickly and easily.Coveyor BeltHay loading, whether you’re growing your own or having it delivered, can eat up a whole day if you’re not careful. This is lost income to you, if it’s diverting your time from students or publicizing your business. Having a conveyor belt to carry hay from the truck or wagon to your hay loft or upper levels of your storage will save hours of time and potentially prevent back injuries, as well.Horse WalkerIf you have a large facility, you may find it difficult to give all your horses the exercise they need every day. And some horses can use a little warm-up or cool-down walking time, but that can take up your schedule also. Think about putting in a horse walker (AKA hot walker) to walk them automatically.With a horse walker you can walk multiple horses at one time, and they’re great for rehabbing injured horses, too. Make sure the horses are supervised at all times, and try to load horses of the same size or stride length together, so they all walk evenly. Think about hiring a responsible student to run your walker, so you can free up your time for other duties.Running an equestrian facility can be rewarding and lucrative; you just need to figure out where you’re wasting time and streamline your work accordingly with the help of staff and a few key pieces of equipment, like those above. Keep a detailed log of your activities for a week, and you’ll soon see where you can make some changes. Purchasing equipment can be costly at first, but if it gives you time for more profitable ventures, it will quickly pay for itself and let you turn an increased profit.