The only golf stroke you need to master to become a legend on the miniature golf course is putting. The objective when putting on a mini golf hole is the same as on the real golf course. Put the ball in the cup in as few putts as possible. Follow these putting tips, and you will be putting like a pro, and soon become the legend of your mini putt putt friends!Get SetLine yourself up to the hole by first setting your feet. Worry about the target later; focus on drawing a perfect line from toe to toe that aims in a straight line toward the direction you want your ball to go. This may not always be straight at the cup. Take into account any uneven surfaces.Relax your knees and bend slightly at the hips. Get used to feeling comfortable over the ball, not stiff and rigid. As you become more relaxed, this will help smooth out your putting stroke, which is essential to improving your putting on a miniature golf hole.Ignore DistractionsJust like a real golfer trying to sink a putt on a real golf course green, you need to be able to ignore distractions when putting in mini golf. While disruptive sounds are occasionally a part of the real game of golf, distracting things can get really inventive on miniature golf holes.Clanging symbols, cackling clowns, or bellowing beasts are just a few of the inventive and annoying features on some of the more challenging mini golf holes. Ignore them all. They are there to do nothing more than distract your concentration and hopefully cause you to mess up your objective. Sinking the ball in the hole.Head Down and Stay FocusedKeep your eyes glued to the object you are trying to hit straight, the ball. Won’t do you much good to look up in an effort to visually will the ball into the cup, but if you lift your eyes too soon, it will cause you to pull your putting stroke and hit an errant shot.Get in a practice of staying focused on the point of contact for a second or two, after the ball is on its way. This is an excellent habit to develop because it will make certain you are not pulling your eyes off the ball too soon. The ball is going to go where it is going to go. Better to look at it a split second after contact and watch it roll into the hole, rather than shank your shot watching it bound dreadfully off course.Putt the BallPutting the golf ball is not smacking the ball. Be gentle. Tap the ball using a smooth even motion. Let the club follow through after making contact, remembering to keep your eyes focused on the point of contact.Don’t undo all the good setup and focus you have applied by over thinking the putt. Once you get set in your stance, let your mind pull the trigger on your putt. Be confident, and allow your natural instincts to take over.Since the objective on a miniature golf course, like at Longview Golf Center, is essentially the same as the objective on a golf course green, learning the technique of putting will improve your scores on the mini putt putt range too. Rolling the ball successfully along putting surfaces and into the cup is your aim. Follow these tips, and you will soon become a legend at the miniature golf course.