If you have Mt. Kilimanjaro on your radar, you have to prepare long before buying a plane ticket to Africa and attempting the climb. Here are some of the ways to prepare so that you increase your chances of reaching the summit.Prepare Your Body the Right WayThe summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro is at a staggering 19,340 feet, a height that challenges even the most established climbers in the world.  Expert climbers suggest that one of the most important things you can do to prepare is to set up a regular aerobic routine. Aerobics is so important in climbing because it helps you control your breathing and work with your core muscle groups.In preparation for climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, you should be working on your aerobics for about five hours each week at minimum. Good aerobic exercises include swimming laps, running, and cross-country skiing.Pick the Right GearIn addition to the physical training, you also need to prepare your clothing and climbing gear for the upward trek. Even though the peak is in Africa, the top of the mountain is cold for much of the year. In fact, water inside your water bottle can freeze along your hike. That is why bringing several fleece jackets to wear under your outer coat is a good idea. Fleece allows air ventilation to give the sweat from your body somewhere to go, but also keeps you warm at the same time.You should also break in your climbing boots well before starting up the mountain; socks are essential in keeping your feet dry and warm, but something that climbers often forget is that socks alone do not prevent blisters. That’s why sock liners are a good choice for Mt. Kilimanjaro. Wear them under your socks to prevent blisters and help you reach the summit without pain.Mt. Kilimanjaro, while a difficult hike to be sure, is relatively accessible to anyone with determination to reach the top. Unlike some of the other tall mountains in the world, Kilimanjaro doesn’t require oxygen tanks along the hike. However, choosing the right route can make all the difference.Choose the Right RouteGetting to the mountain base requires buying airfare to Kilimanjaro International Airport, and then finding a shuttle or minibus transportation to base camp, which is about 27 miles from the airport. From there, you will locate your company hosting your ascent. Researching the guide company at home and the routes they offer is required, as you have to reserve a spot with them before you get to the mountain.The routes that take longer to reach the summit are more expensive, but taking your time prevents altitude sickness. The shortest recommended time to attempt Mt. Kilimanjaro is six days, but climbers who choose this option are susceptible to altitude sickness. This will ruin any trip up Mt. Kilimanjaro, as you will have a hard time breathing and will feel nauseous and disoriented at the same time.With these suggestions in consideration, you can now sign up for a climbing time to conquer Mt. Kilimanjaro.